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Professional Yachtmaster Services    

I am a Dutch/Norwegian Professional Yachtmaster working on a free­lance basis and certified as captain of private and commercial motor yachts and small commercial vessels up to 200 tons or as mate up to 500 tons. I also have my STCW Deck Officer Class 5 exams (Master 500 tons) but need some more sea time before I receive my certificate.

Here are some suggestions for services I can offer you:

  • captain or mate for private owners
  • delivery skipper or mate/engineer
  • relief for permanent skipper or mate/engineer
  • assistance on long passages (have transatlantic experience)
  • skippering and/or guiding for cruising in Norwegian waters
  • skippering on European inland waterways
  • instruction in navigation, boat handling and seamanship
  • maritime projects for children or young people
  • buyer advice and project management
  • brokerage representation or assistance
  • etc.

You'll find me mature, highly responsible and pleasant company and I enjoy working with people of all ages, including children. I'm a non-smoker. In addition to my maritime qualifications I bring many useful skills from my earlier professions, including business experience and advanced IT skills.

With my background and experience I can contribute in a number of useful fields on board. Please click here for a list of ideas.

I will perform above expectations and we'll work particularly well together if you see me as a partner rather than an employee. Also the suggestions above are in no way exclusive, feel free to discuss any other ideas with me.

The freelance advantage

As a freelance mariner I will often be able to provide an immediate and high quality solution for your crew needs. Note that freelance doesn't necessarily mean short commitments. There is no reason to cut short an arrangement which both parties are happy with.

On the other hand, if you ideally would like to employ crew for the longer term I will keep your vessel running smoothly while giving you ample time to find the best candidate.

I will learn a yacht's systems quickly, meaning only a small investment in time is required to get me up to speed. Later on you may find it very useful to have someone at hand who knows the yacht well whenever your permanent crew needs time off or assistance, for example on longer passages.

Please have a look at my qualifications and experience on the following pages and contact me to receive my CV and excellent references. I have a good network and may be able to provide other crew as well.

Languages    I speak fluent English Ik spreek vloeiend nederlands Jeg snakker flytende norsk Ich spreche gutes Deutsch Je parle un peu de français Jeg kan godt tale dansk Jag talar svensk

I speak and write fluent English as well as native Dutch and Nor­wegian. I also speak good German and basic French, and have an excellent understanding of Swedish and Danish.

Travel, visas

Though my formal address is in Norway, I live an international life, will travel easily and anywhere and have a B1/B2 United States visa.


Boating, trading, writing, photography, travel, nature, cycling and hiking, reading, film, personal development and coaching, spending time with family and friends, working with young people and children with or without special needs, voluntary work.

Please click here for a list of ideas on how I can contribute on board.

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Willy Verwoerd
Willy Verwoerd

Certified by
Maritime and Coastguard Agency  Royal Yachting Association

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