Atlantic Ocean, November 2006


Contributions on board

Basically I am looking for a bridge position since this is my main area of competence and interest. However, my background and experience enable me to contribute in many areas on board:

BRIDGE I am a skilled navigator, an experienced watchkeeper and a confident radar and ARPA operator. I will quickly familiarize myself with the bridge and will then immediately be able to take charge of a navigational watch. I have experience from busy waters like the English Channel, the Dutch and German coasts and navigating among oil platforms and supply ships in the North Sea. I am confident in berthing maneuvers and have transatlantic experience.

MARINE ELECTRONICS  I am at ease with all sorts of navigation systems and other marine electronics and IT systems like GPS, auto pilot, communication systems, NMEA etc. I can assist in setting up and upgrading equipment and software as well as instruct others in their use.

ADMINISTRATION Having run my own small businesses for many years I am comfortable with administration, accounting and budgeting as well as personnel and project management. I could considerably reduce the captain's workload in these areas.

IT OFFICER I have worked in IT most of my professional life and have experience both as a system administrator and developer. I could take charge of or assist with the boat's servers, PC's and networks as part of my duties and set up or develop new solutions. I quickly understand complex IT, electronics and entertainment systems.

ENGINE ROOM I have experience as sole engineer on a modern 34 metre yacht and am used to engineer duties from other boats. I can confidently take charge of engine room watches but as a mechanic my experience is limited. However, I have excellent technical insight and will work well with other engineers on mechanical and maintenance work - or in managing external contractors.

INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION As a longtime professional writer (including photography) I could maintain a website or travel journal for the yacht, prepare information or newsletters for owners and guests or take memorable pictures from life on board or excursions. I could also write clear and well illustrated documentation or manuals for onboard procedures and equipment. I have authored extensive documentation for a steel trawler yacht to the owner's full satisfaction.

PEOPLE SKILLS I am mature and a pleasant, calm, confident and easy-going person. I go along well with people of all backgrounds and ages and have an interest in helping others develop to the best of their potential. This includes kids and young people I have worked many years as a volunteer mentor for children with special needs.

EXTERIOR I have limited experience in external care and maintenance but am willing to learn more. I will of course help out with any task on board where I can contribute.

For more information about my background from earlier professions, see Professional Experience.

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