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My background

My professional life has mainly been focused in the fields of IT and journalism. Since 2006 I have also had the pleasure of working as captain, mate or engineer on large motor yachts from time to time. Here are some examples from my experience:

  • Consulting and project management
  • Development of software, systems and web solutions
  • Development of advanced Microsoft Office solutions
    (including Access and Visual Studio/VBA)
  • Courses, workshops and one-to-one instruction
  • Distributor of communications software
  • Trade journalism, consumer journalism, photography
  • Technical writing (documentation and manuals)
  • Rewriting, editing, translations
  • In-house journalist education

I've had more than 25 years experience in these fields and am a well known and respected writer in the Norwegian computer and consumer press. I have held positions as freelance journalist, Executive Editor and Managing Editor in leading publications like Datatid, PC World Norge (the Norwegian edition of PC World) and DinSide.

Much of my writing has been of an educational nature and I enjoy teaching, both in writing and in person. I'm a member of The Norwegian Union of Journalists (NJ).

At PC World Norge I was responsible for the very popular Tips & Tricks section for many years. I wrote regular advanced columns like The Office Expert and Word at Work. I also covered development tools and did comparative software and hardware reviews. Since early 2012 I am once again back in my role as a freelance Contributing Editor.

DinSide is a publisher of online consumer magazines and one of Norway's most successful web sites. In addition to being Vice President and part owner, my position included the roles of Managing Editor and Chief Technology Officer. The site's first three years of technology development was done under my management. This included the founding and development of Norway's leading Internet auction site, now known as QXL.no. I also have experience from many other large and small IT and database projects.

I was educated at the University of Oslo in Computer Science and Educational Science. I am a fluent speaker and writer of Norwegian, English and Dutch and have work experience in all three languages. I also speak good German and basic French and have an excellent understanding of Swedish and Danish.

Though I have been employed in the positions mentioned above and others for quite some years, most of my time I have worked as a self-employed entrepreneur. This included running my own software company Synapsis AS from 1991 to 2004.

In addition to the fields listed above I have worked for many years with children with special needs, both inside and outside of institutions. Through the years I have acquired hospitality experience from arranging and leading group travel nationally and abroad and from managing international conventions. I have had several positions as chairman and treasurer in voluntary organisations.

View Willy Verwoerd's profile on LinkedInPlease view my profile at LinkedIn if you'd like to see the full details of my work experience and education history.

New ventures
In February 2006 I literally cast off and sold my apartment in Oslo where I had been living for too many years.

The day after delivering my keys to the new owner I left for the Isle of Wight in England to enroll in a professional captain education at the UKSA Maritime Academy. After three intensive months of studying at sea and ashore, I received my commercial Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and a number of other valuable qualifications in May 2006.

I have loved the sea since I was a little boy and my maritime education (which now also includes excellent Deck Officer Class 5 exams) has given me exciting new opportunities, like working as a professional Yachtmaster or possibly running my own charter business in time.

Please see my Yachtmaster site for more information about my maritime qualifications and experience.

Though I am engaging in new ventures I intend to carry on my interests and knowledge from earlier in life. I am still a writer although I now focus on fields like travel, boating and lifestyle. My knowledge and experience can be put to many rewarding uses in my new fields of work as well.

Common interests?
I enjoy meeting new people, so please feel free to contact me if you share any of my fields of interest, have questions or wish to find out if I can contribute to your activities in any way, whether at sea or ashore!